Why should an On-premise Hotel Laundry be considered a loss-making division?

It was most frustrating to hear some of the laundry managers of star hotels expressing difficulties in sustaining operations with growing costs.

An extension of the Housekeeping division, the on-premise laundry works as an absolute COST center. More so in recent times, with unpredictable occupancy levels, OPLs are becoming practically dormant!

Are we facing a doomsday for OPLs? In five or 10 years? As a professional in the laundry space, we strongly feel an industrial revolution has to happen in the Laundry Industry across the globe.

The reason for downtrend in the Laundry operations is because of the negligence and awareness of the commercial sense in operating the Laundry function. How many of the Laundry professionals out here know exactly the cost of production on the Laundry floor and based on which the selling price is derived at? This Industry needs continuous education and commercial knowledge to run profitably.

And yes, there a possibility to explore and convert OPLs into a profit center? This is a point to debate.




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