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It is good news for railway BOOT laundries that have been lying idle for 20 months, the Indian Railways has indicated its readiness to restart linen services in trains. The Chief Rolling Stock Engineer of the Central Railways has asked all its divisions to prepare in the following manner:

  • Availability of adequate linen based on present train service should be ensured.
  • The stored linen should be checked for foul smells and stains, and washed before being put back into service.
  • Life of the linen for condemnation shall be extended for the unused period to curtail expenditure. However, it may be condemned if torn/mutilated.
  • Departmental mechanised laundry should be checked and its proper functioning ensured.
  • BOOT laundries should be checked for readiness to restart operations.
  • An action plan to achieve the above should be submitted by all divisions by 24th November 2021.

Since the first lockdown of the pandemic, the Railways had suspended supply of passenger linen amid fear of the linen transmitting the coronavirus between passengers.

Railway Boot Laundry Operators is represented by an association which represents about 25 Contractors and Owners of Mechanised BOOT Laundries providing bedroll linen services across the network of Indian Railways which are set-up under PPP mode (Build Own Operate & Transfer) under 10 to 15 years of Contract duration. These laundries are highly capital intensive and have been set-up with huge capital costs, and the machinery and assets have to be maintained even during non-operational times. The rebooting of the railway linen service will come as a great relief to these operators.

Further many of the affiliated laundry service providers attached to the Indian Railways can now look at getting back into business.

Special Session with Indian Railways at Laundrex India Expo 2022

Over the last four years, delegations from all the zones of the Indian Railways have been visiting Laundrex India Expo to understand the new technologies in linen processing and meeting with stakeholders and service providers.

Laundrex India Expo 2022 will be organising a special meeting with the Indian Railways during the exhibition.